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Get a fast and exact assesment of your business case and what you should eventually improve in order to succeed as an entrepreneur
Standard method for analysing business cases
  • Modular
  • Specific
  • Reliable
  • Fast
Hit Rater is a modular, reliable standard method by which you can screen, analyze and benchmark business cases. If you are an entrepreneur, investor, advisor or project manager, Hit Rater can be used as a valid indicator. Hit Rater gives an overview and insight through a precise, direct and instant score, which is both quantitative and qualitative. Have a good time with Hit Rater.

For entrepreneurs it is extremely interesting to know how investors think, and how they prioritize, when they consider an investment. Hit Rater is an obvious opportunity to analyze a project through the glasses of investors.

As an investor you often need a fast, exact overview. Will the case be a Hit? What does the case need to live up to the investment criteria? Hit Rater provides the answer.

In many situations you need a platform and a common language to be able to discuss a business case. This is the case in the dialog between investors and entrepreneurs or internally in a team.